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Stupid Fucking Bird
by aaron posner
+ fundraiser event

6 pm

beverly hills, ca

people need theater people


Noisy Nest is a female owned and operated theatrical production company in Los Angeles. Founded by Bird in 2013, Noisy Nest has seen incredible success, but has sadly experienced unprecedented loss over the last 2+ years. Coming back to live theater after a pandemic takes courage, strength and resilience from creators, performers and audiences. Producing live theater for the masses is our life's blood, but it turns out  "life's blood" is not a currency most contractors accept... so we are asking our generous and loving 'masses' to support us in realizing our production goals this year. Theater production in Los Angeles is fu*king difficult, expensive and disheartening for those who are not artistic masochists and thrive off of a bit of chaos. All we can do is find like-minded crazies, put on amazing shows and hope our community feels inspired to financially support our continued endeavors.

How can you help?

Donate to Noisy Nest!  

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our story
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give us your money.


Things we will spend your money on:

• performance rights
• PR
• rehearsal space
• performance space
• paying our talent
• paying our designers
• paying our crew
• set design + construction
• props
• costumes
• insurance
• sh*t that comes up that no one is ever prepared for.
• etc.


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Class @ Noisy Nest
Class @ Noisy Nest
Jun 04, 2024, 6:00 PM
Noisy Nest
Classes are open to artists of all experience levels. Inspired by the brilliant teachings of Uta Hagen , we connect actors to themselves, character and text while diving in to exercises, character development and scene work.


matthew tyler vorce | michaela kahan | alex fream |

joe wiebe|  lynne mannino |garrett pominville | robert w. perkins

direction | bird

producers | bird | lynne mannino

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