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In July 2022
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In February 2022
Feb 08, 2022
Yeah, the visualization of the things that you do before you are even doing the explicit habit increases habit formation is super interesting. Visualization as it applies to a task obviously makes sense for it enabling the task/habit itself to be easier to do (or at least I think it's become more mainstream knowledge, the power of visualization), but visualization as it applies to even the "pre-things" that lead up to doing the task/habit itself--that in fact actually helping is I think super interesting (did I tell you that it was super interesting? It is. Super interesting). So like for me, doing cold showers, I was visualizing myself finishing my work out (which is a separate habit, but nonetheless something I do before I do the shower because my body temp is higher, which makes it easier to do it), removing clothes, going into the bathroom, pulling out my phone, putting the timer on, stepping onto the shower mat, stepping into the shower, feeling my feet contacting the shower floor, turning on the knob to a quarter turn, feeling water showering me, consciously breathing, turning into a block of ice, jk jk, etc. It kind of creates what feels like more 'fabric' for me to grab hold of that I can pull to follow through to the other side rather than it just being "i got to take a cold shower. FUUUUU" Granted, once the habit has relatively normalized, taken root and lost its lymbic friction substantially, one is not engaging in all this precursorial visualizing, but in the beginning stages of forming a new habit, it appears to be a powerful additive to habit forming practice.


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