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Divine A.I.

by Vincent Ducarne +Selma Lepart

Non-Union • Short Film


To play Female • 50's

A leading scientist in her field. Despite evolving in the hierarchical, competitive and sexist world of scientific research, she has become the leading expert in her field: AI Research and Development. She learned from many experiences to toughen up and build a physical and emotional shield in order to succeed. She approaches any situation with a calm, professional and rational attitude. Behind this pragmatic facade she is a sensitive woman, a loving mother and devoted wife.


To play Male • Early 30's


He projects a cold nonchalance and haughty confidence without the slightest doubt in him. He is an executive, the kind of corporate cog who is only interested in efficiency. This does not necessarily mean that he is dishonest or evil, only that he is willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve his ends. In this sense, he is a person who is interested in morality only as an instrument, not as a guide for his actions. Using pointed manipulation, he alternates between naïveté and provocateur in order to get the Scientist out of of her comfort zone. Although on the surface he may be passionate about what is going on, in reality he keeps a technical distance from the situation, guided by his mission. He is cold and calculating.

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