Artist Accountability is a bimonthly meeting designed to help artists understand accountability and take control of their careers.


The First Meeting  - Meet you Accountability Buddy, Present your goal(s) and help others realize theirs.


The Second Meeting -  Potluck show and tell! We go around and “humble brag” about committing to ourselves, our goals and each other. 


A moderator keeps things moving and is a touchstone for the group as needed between meetings but each individual is responsible for themselves.


When are the AA Meetings?


Typically meetings will fall on the first and third Thursday of the month at 10am. Scroll up to view our upcoming session. 

Who can join AA?

Short answer: ANYONE.

Longer answer: Anyone who has an idea of their "Big Picture" but can't manage the  day - to - day tasks needed to get there. 

Is this like a class or something?

Nope! AA is a small group of people who gather to work on checking things off their professional task list. Each member will be held accountable by their accountabilibuddies and there is a moderator to make sure each meetings runs smoothly.

How much time do I have to commit to this?

There is one Session a month. Each Session consists of two Meetings (not to exceed two hours).
We cap the group at 10 attendees to ensure meetings are quick, to the point and designed to get
you back out there to actually DO what needs doing!

What happens in the first meeting of the month?

In the first meeting, your “contract” is presented to the group – what goal you plan to check off your
list by the second meeting. We then go around and bounce ideas, offer suggestions/help, to help
you map out a plan of attack.
What Happens in the Second Meeting?

This will be an exciting and proud meeting where we go around and “show off” what we each
accomplished, touch on our struggles or setbacks and what we've learned from the journey.

What if I don’t have anything to show at the second meeting?

We understand that tackling the not-so-fun parts of being an artist comes with a learning curve.
While we would never judge or shame you, and would continue to encourage you to work on those
trouble spots outside of Artist Accountability Anonymous. We will ask you to skip the following

What if my struggle area is too big to tackle in one month?

Each month is a reset. Which means that you can break your goals down into more bitesize
actionable steps to tackle sequentially until the whole picture is complete. This is encouraged! A lot
of times the reason we aren’t as productive or accountable to ourselves is because the mountain
seems too lofty to climb all at once. Why not break it down into smaller subsets so you can 1) Have
a better chance of true progress and 2) Get a win EVERY month!? NO BUSINESS GOAL IS TOO