AA is a bimonthly meeting + digital resource designed to help artists understand accountability

while specifying, prioritizing and accomplishing career + personal goals.

• $25 per month (select sessions are pay what you can. Please read event details for more information

• 1 One-on-One phone call with our AA Moderator before the month's sessions begin to help organize and prioritize your goals.

• 2 in person group meetings on Zoom

• A personal accountability buddy 

• Unlimited access to our AA Forum and Archive

•'Big Picture Goals' Worksheet, AA Contract and other materials to help you streamline and organize your daily goals

kelly mis

actor • creator at bunkbed productions


This group is magical. I didn’t know what to expect when signing up, but it turned out to be the most supportive, loving experience. We all want each other to win and it is so refreshing to be surrounded by encouraging people who help set each other up for success. Incredibly grateful for Amanda and Chelsea for creating this outlet.

Sun, Dec 06
Zoom Link Provided Once Payment Is Received
Artist Accountability - December Session (12/6 + 12/20)

Q: Who can join AA?

A: ANYONE. We believe everyone is an artist.

Q: When are the AA Meetings?

A: Meetings are held twice a month on Sundays at 10am. Scroll up to view our upcoming session.

Q: Is this like a class?

A:  Nope. There is a trained moderator who may lecture at the top of the meeting about  Accountability and Goal Setting tips and tricks but they always defer back to the hive mind. 

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: After your  30 minute one-on-one phone call with the sessions' moderator,  there are two meetings per month. Each meeting is approx. 2 hours long.  We cap the group at 10 attendees to ensure meetings are quick, to the point and designed to get you back out there to actually DO what needs doing!


Q: What happens in the First Meeting of the month?

A:  Introductions -> A short lecture on Goal Setting and Accountability -> Everyone is assigned an Accountability Buddy

-> “Goal Contracts” are presented to the group -> We work together to find the most efficient way for each goal to be managed and accomplish!

Q: What Happens in the Second Meeting?

A: #HumbleBrag  Show-And-Tell. This will be an exciting and proud meeting where we go around and “show off”

what we each accomplished, touch on our struggles or setbacks and what we've learned from the journey.

Q: What if I don’t have anything to show at the second meeting?

A: We understand that tackling the not-so-fun parts of being an artist comes with a learning curve. While we would never judge or shame you, and would continue to encourage you to work on those trouble spots outside of Artist Accountability Anonymous. We will ask you to skip the following month.


Q: What if my struggle area is too big to tackle in one month?

A: With the help of your moderator, we will work to break down your goal into attainable, actionable pursuits.  If your goal is not accomplished fully in one month, bring it back to the next month!

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