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everybody is an artist

This digital workshop and online community is designed to assist humans from all walks of life, all professions and all experience levels to understand accountability while specifying, prioritizing and accomplishing career + personal goals.

Yep. That means you.

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AA: workshop breakdown
new month, new goals, new approach

• 1 recommended pre-session one-on-one phone call with your moderator

• 2 group meetings per month held on Zoom.
• 2 one-on-one meetings with your buddy
• assigned accountability buddy
• access to the AA Forum, worksheets, resources and more!


Artist Accountability
Artist Accountability
Learn about true accountability while specifying, prioritizing and accomplishing career + personal goals!
May 05, 2024, 1:00 PM PDT – May 26, 2024, 3:00 PM PDT
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Amanda Bird

Founder of Noisy Nest • AA Moderator

Amanda is passionate about accountability. Her inspiration comes from the research of Brené Brown and other genius trail blazers in social science + anthropology. Amanda introduces accountability as a vulnerable process reinforced by positivity, specificity and taking actionable steps forward.


Chelsea Kwoka

Co-Founder of  AA + Moderator

Chelsea is an absolute bad ass. She understands the daunting task of recognizing your Big Picture goal and uses her super power of 'cutting through the bull sh*t' to specify and simplify your tasks to getting you confidently on track to achieving!

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Alexandra Vaughn


Artist Accountability is becoming my secret weapon! I am finally working up the courage to get started on things I have been wanting to accomplish for years bc of the positive push and support that this group has given me! Chelsea and Amanda helped me make my goals specific and achievable, and I'm slowly starting to find joy in the process instead of feeling so pressured to produce a perfect result. Everyone is an artist in a different medium and it's been so inspiring to be able to learn and grow from one another - no matter what art form you choose, it seems we all struggle w the same things! If you are feeling a little frozen by fear or insecurity, or if you just need to get shit done, I highly recommend Artist Accountability. You will meet some incredible people, and I am so grateful to know I have them cheering me on!

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