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who we are

Noisy Nest was created as a safe landing place for wondering artists. A touchstone to the root of artistic integrity. With your finger on the pulse of your own process, there is no wrong move- only stepping stones to growth. Noisy Nest's mission is to not only create and produce risky and audacious theatrical events but to also inspire, prepare and encourage artists in their processes. 

what we do

We focus on the vulnerable bits of humanity that society expects us to suppress and hide. Noisy Nest waves our middle fingers in the air whilst diving into the mess, not to clean it up, but to connect and create within it. We approach all of our work this way- wether we are producing a play, hosting an event, coaching a client for an audition- Noisy Nest artists make bold moves.


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Noisy Nest was created in 2012 by founder Bird in her living room with a copy of "Our Town", wine and a beautiful charcuterie board from Smart + Final.  Every Wednesday night she would open her home to wondering artists. They would gather and read a play, discuss the text and drink.

This weekly event, The Play Readers,  grew and relocated to a rundown 1970s office building in Beverly Hills hence forth known as The Nest or Noisy Nest Play Space. 

Since its creation, Noisy Nest has functioned as a Theatrical Production Company + accessible resource for Actors at every stage of their careers. We offer Accountability + Goal Crushing workshops , Self Tape services and events to inspire both artist and layperson.  

2020 shifted the landscape of live theater, maybe for now - maybe forever... but Artists are resilient and resourceful. For now, we have found our digital home on Zoom. Forever? We wait in the wings with bated breath.

Explore the Nest and join us in any capacity that inspires you.


...above all else you must believe in the circumstances written for you, ahead of you, behind you, created by you and created by those around you...or else what the fuck are you doing?

Bird, Founder

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150 south doheny dr

beverly hills 90211

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